Explore London with children

Exploring London together with small children may sometimes seem like a challenge but it can be a lot of fun as well. As a mum of a 4-year-old inquisitive girl, I’ve realised that guided walks for families can be an ideal way of visiting this amazing city! It is also an interactive way of keeping your whole family busy while they are enjoying themselves and you can finally relax for a while!

The walks are focused on what children would find most intriguing and fascinating. They also reflect subjects that children encounter at nursery or school so they can learn about history, art and environment in a fun and interactive way.

All walks here have been successfully ‘tested’ on my family as well as my friends’ families. The walks are a great option to spend time with your family and friends whether you live in London or you are just visiting this amazing city.  You can also book a walk as a half-term break activity or a birthday party event! The routes are suitable for all children that are comfortable with walking 1 or 2 miles at a casual pace with frequent stops. The groups should not exceed 10 adults and maximum 20 children. Walks will last about 2 hours and will include a short snack break, toilet break as well as play time.

There with be a little quiz for children and adults at the end of the walk. All young visitors will also receive a special My London Tours Fun Walks Book. Every time they complete a guided walk with My London Tours they will get a sticker in it! Eventually, they can collect as many as 10 of them. They can also use the fun book to draw some things they can see during the walk or to make a note of something they would like to remember.

Tickets are £10 per an adult. Children are welcome free of charge. However, for health and safety reasons, one parent/carer will be responsible for 2 children. If you would love to bring more than 2 young visitors, please ask a friend or family member to join you and pay for their ticket. If that is not possible, please get in touch and we will arrange things in such a way, that everyone feels safe and happy! If you cannot see a date for a walk you are interested in, please contact as soon as possible.

Every walk can be booked as an exclusive walk for as little as £50 for a group consisting of 1 to 5 adults and up to 10 children.

Fun Walk 1

Kensington Gardens – Meet Princess, Prince, Queen and Peter Pan

(Ideal for 4 to 10 year-old children but can be adapted for older or younger children)
Meeting point: outside Lancaster Gate underground station (central line)

It is an absolutely fantastic place for a walk with family and friends. The feeling of childhood is all around, especially as you look at Peter Pan’s statue. A film “Finding Neverland” about the life of the author of this famous book, J.M. Barrie was shot in the park. He would regularly walk his dog in Kensington Gardens and he based his stories of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys on the Llewellyn-Davies boys that he met here.

The Albert Memorial is an impressive monument with a number of details that both children and adults will be happy to explore. It also gives an opportunity to talk about continents and animals associated with them, as well as the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert!

All children love princesses and Kensington Gardens have a lot of places telling us the story of a very special one, Princess Diana who loved children! The Diana Memorial Playground has been designed like a scene from Neverland with a large ship for the children to climb over.

Finally, there are quite a few birds, plants and trees to spot and identify while we explore the area and if you like, you can go boating on the Serpentine lake after the walk.